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Salt-link tetrad involving Asp 251.

Figure 4. Schematic diagram of the region of the crystal structure of cytochrome P450cam around the salt-link tetrad involving Asp 251.

The tetrad of salt-links, formed by Lys 178, Asp 182, Arg 186 and Asp 251 provides a network of electrostatic interactions linking the F helix, G helix, and F-G loop to the I-helix adjacent to the heme cofactor. Electrostatics calculations of the stability of all the salt-links in cytochrome P450cam show the two salt-links to Asp 251 to be unusually stable indicating that the enzyme has evolved these salt-links to regulate substrate access.

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Wade et al. (1996) Fundamentals of Enzyme-Ligand Interactions in Cytochrome P450cam
POPE5 Conference Proceedings
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