ProSAT - Protein Structure Annotation Tool

ProSAT is a tool to map SwissProt features and Prosite patterns on to a 3D structure of a protein. More details here.

Use one of the following three options to run ProSAT.

Either: Enter PDB id (for example, 1pso) to obtain annotated 3D structure of the protein. The structure used is that from the PQS database. More details here

PDB id :

Or :

Or : Generate annotation of the 3D structure of your protein
Enter the (local) filename of your protein 3D structure (required) :

SwissProt AC or ID (optional):

ProSAT plugins.

NEW: ProSAT2 - Protein Structure Annotation Server.
ProSAT visualisations are best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.7X !
Authors: R.R. Gabdoulline, R. Hoffmann, F. Leitner, R.C. Wade, European Media Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany. (c) 2002.
Reference: R.R. Gabdoulline, R. Hoffmann, F. Leitner and R.C. Wade, ProSAT: functional annotation of protein 3D structures Bioinformatics (2003), 19, 1723-1725

Fri Feb 21 15:14:21 UTC 2003, R.Gabdoulline