MolSurfer Map Request 
Fill out this form to generate the map for Molsurfer.
-- The interface between 2 macromolecules (protein/dna/rna) (I and II) will be mapped by adsiand molecular properties (including electrostatics, but excluding atomic B-factors) will be projected onto it. You can use the generated map to navigate the 3D view of the macromolecules and the interface. In addition the 2D maps will be embedded on the accompanying web page.
-- There must be a contact (here, less than 6 A surface-to-surface distance) interface between the 2 macromolecules.
-- The files need to be in PQR format. PQR format files can be generated from PDB files using the PDB2PQR service, .
-- Security of your data is not guaranteed.
The (local) filename of macromolecule I in PQR format (required)

The (local) filename of macromolecule II in PQR format (required)

The size of the map:(in number of points along x and y)
The resolution of the map:(spacing between points).
Parameters for electrostatic calculations:
protein dielectric constant: ; solvent dielectric constant: ; ionic strength:(in mM); ion radius: (in Å); probe radius for generating molecular surface: (in Å, 0.0 here will result in using van der Waals surface to separate the protein and solvent)
Submit the request : 

For an example, you can download and save 2 files barnase.pqr.txt and barstar.pqr.txt and then submit them as macromolecule I and II, respectively. These are the A and D chains of PDB entry 1brs, submitted one after another to the PDB2PQR service, http:// .